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AP Systems ECU-Kommunikationseinheit einrichten via Smartphone

AP Systems ECU-Kommunikationseinheit einrichten via Smartphone

, Von Markus Ochel, 3 min Lesezeit

Hello dear balcony power plant community, 

the current blog would like to help you set up the AP Systems ECU-B communication unit and we have recorded the installation completely and show you step by step how to proceed. 

First, plug the ECU into your socket. For the initial installation, make sure that you are not too far away from the inverter and that there are not too many walls between the inverter and the ECU. 

Now go to the WLAN settings in the smartphone. Select your ECU-B_XXXXXXX here. Next enter the password with 8 x 8, i.e. 88888888. The ECU should now be connected to your network. 

Now switch to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the EMA Manager. In the app store, enter the search term EMA Manager and install the app

After installation, open the app and click on ECU APP below the login button (marked in red). It is not necessary to enter a username and password. 

After opening the app, switch to the "Workspace" area (the fourth button in the menu at the bottom of the app (1)) and open the date settings (2) here. Check whether the times are correct or set them up. 



Next, connect the ECU communication unit to your internet. This helps automatically upload updates to the ECU and also to the inverter. To do this, go to the setting ECU-Network Setting (2) in the workspace (1)

The following screen appears. Click here on the WLAN settings

The following screen select your local WLAN. Please note that the screen and the networks to be selected will look slightly different for you. Select your network and confirm your router's WiFi code. The code should be on your router

The following confirmation appears and the communication unit is now connected to the router. Updates can be installed automatically. 

 In the last step, you should connect the inverter to the ECU communication unit. 


 Now connect the inverter to the communication unit within the ID management. Add your inverter with the "Add" button. You will find a barcode on your inverter and you can scan this barcode with your smartphone or enter the code by hand. The code usually starts with 702XXXXXX or 703XXXXXX. 

Now press the "Sync" button and the inverter will be added to your communication unit. The following screen gives you confirmation. 

Then switch to the home button in the main menu and the current electricity production should be displayed. 


  • Super Erklärung. Schritt für Schritt tolle Einweisung. Danke.



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